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The 14th Fall Meeting of the Netherlands Proteomics Platform

This year it will be held at the Leiden University Medical Center in Leiden on Friday November 13th 2015.

Registration and submission of abstracts for an oral presentation (max 300 words) can be sent to Please put 'NPP Fall Meeting' in the subject heading. 




9.00-9.40           Registration and coffee


9.40- 9.45          Welcome

Paul Hensbergen (NPP steering committee, LUMC)


9.45-10.10         Synaptic Proteomics using SWATHTM of Rodent versus Primate brain

Nikhil J. Pandya, Vrije University, Amsterdam


10.10-10.35       Peptide-mediated 'miniprep' isolation of extracellular vesicles is suitable for high-throughput proteomics; method evaluation and application in colon cancer

                        Meike de Wit, VUmc, Amsterdam


10.35-11.00       PhosphoPath: Visualization of Phosphosite-centric Dynamics in Temporal

Molecular Networks

Linsey Raaijmakers, Utrecht University


11.00-11.30       Coffee/tea break


11.30-12.00       Targeting resistance to proteasome inhibitor therapy: a metabolomics approach

                        Celia Berkers, Utrecht University


12.00-12.30       Proteasome malfunctioning and ubiquitinome dynamics

                        Jeroen Demmers, ErasmusMC, Rotterdam


12.30-13.30       LUNCH


Microbial Proteomics


13.30-14.30   Quantitative (phospho)proteomics in analysis of microbial regulatory networks

Dr. B. Macek, Director Proteome Center Tubingen, Germany


14.30-15.00       Coffee break


15.00-15.25       Rapid and strong induction of eEF2 phosphorylation during viral infection

Emmely Treffers, LUMC, Leiden


15.25-15.50       Absolute quantification of proteins in the spores of the pathogenic food spoiler Bacillus cereus

Sacha Stelder, University of Amsterdam


15.50-16.15       Proteomic analyses of (antibiotic resistant) clinical bacterial isolates

Frank Fleurbaaij, LUMC, Leiden


16.15-16.40       Clostridium difficile cell surface proteins involved in the regulation of adhesion

Hans van Leeuwen, LUMC, Leiden


16.40-               Drinks